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8th Grade Promotion Information

We are getting close to that time of year!  Please click below to get all of the important dates and forms regarding our upcoming 8th Grade promotion.

8th Grade Promotion Information

Thank you!

8th Grade AVID High School Presentation

8th Grade Parents!  We need you to participate as our audience for our AVID 8th grade presentations.  We will be presenting information about the A-G requirements in preparation for our High School Scheduling this month.  

Since our standards require us to present to an audience, we need your participation!  


Middle School Course Catalog

GLOW for Middle School Students

Do you have what it takes to get through college?


EDSMS presents



Empowering students to succeed in college and life

A financial education program designed to guide students through the financial labyrinth of life.


This 7-10 session, after-school program, will introduce the students to financial services, budgeting, and college financial planning.  

Click here for more!





Middle School Dance Permission Slip

Don't miss our Winter Dance on Friday, 2/6 from 7-9pm!  Download the permission slip here.

Middle School Homework Center

EDS will commence the 6th through 8th grade Homework Center for the 2014-2015, on Thursday September 11, 2014.  The main focus of this program is to provide a safe, nurturing, and academic environment where students receive additional assistance with their studies and homework after school. Students who do not have homework or finish their homework early may read quietly. Students who are disruptive during homework center will be asked to call their parents to come pick them up. Read more and download the permission slip!

Pertussis Information

All new incoming 7th grade students are required to have an updated Pertussis shot.  Students will not be admitted or scheduled for classes without one.  Specific information is available in English or Spanish.

Middle School Math Information

Picture of the Week

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Check Here  for New Community Service Opportunities!

To be Updated in Late September....

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     The philosophy of EDS is to have as many parents volunteering in the classrooms as possible, in the hope of creating a learning environment that is developmental and to provide multiple learning opportunities to each student at their level of need. It is an expectation that this continues through a student’s entire education, Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, while enrolled at EDS. 
     EDS Middle School Students have a seven period day beginning with an Advisory Period. Because of the size of the program and the focus on integration of curriculum across subject areas, students will often spend more than one period with the same teacher. The following classes are required for all students:
Reading                     Mathematics                         Language Arts         
Science                     Social Science                     *Elective
Physical Education           
Students may choose either a year-long elective or are placed in a trimester elective wheel. Priority for selecting electives is given to 8th graders first followed by seventh and then sixth graders. Electives meet everyday each week.
Elective choices for the School Year include:
Band (full year)                                    
Orchestra (full year)                            
Spanish 1A or 1B  (full year)                              
Trimester Elective Wheel 2011-12: 
  •        Analyzing and Writing about Children's Literature
  •        Communication for Change
  •        Computer Applications
  •        Math Application Through Sports Statistics
**Students take 3 of 4 classes, one per trimester. 
ADVISORY PERIOD: Students will be placed in multi-grade advisory groups with the same teacher for all of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at EDS.   The advisory curriculum will include support for students in the areas of time and task management, study habits and skills, conflict management, leadership, community service, etc. Advisory is a credit/no credit period. The community service requirement is a large part of the advisory curriculum and time served is documented by the advisory teacher. In addition, the community service documentation in advisory needs to be met in order to qualify for participation in all honor roll activities.

Middle School Wednesday Packet

Click HERE for your Wednesday Packet!

Bell Schedule M,T,TH,F


Class Period
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6
Period 7






Wednesday Schedule


Period: Time:
Advisory 8:10 - 8:20
1st Period 8:22 - 8:50
2nd Period 8:52 - 9:20
3rd Period 9:22 - 9:50
BREAK 9:50 - 10:05
4th Period 10:05 - 10:33
6th Period 10:35 - 11:03
7th Period 11:05 - 11:33
LUNCH 11:33 - 12:13
5th Period 12:13 - 12:40